Floral Design Workshop

Saturday, August 14th

10:00 am - Noon

Deer Isle Town Hall


On August 14 the Evergreen Garden Club will host the Downeast Designers Guild to facilitate a floral design workshop, open to the public.  The workshop will begin at 10:00AM and will be an approximately 2-hour session. Many of the members of the Designers Guild will be present and we are planning on creative and fun projects to emerge.

The workshop will begin with a brief intro on the basics of floral design by Carol Smith, an accredited flower show judge through National Garden Clubs and a member of the Judges Council, Garden Club Federation of Maine.  


Then the Guild designers will each introduce their individual design and talk about the how's and why's of the design, possibly including a brief explanation of the style of the design. 


 In honor of the Evergreen Garden Club, all of the Guild designers plan to make some use of evergreen in their designs. 


 After the Guild designs have been introduced, the designers will work with workshop participants to help them put together their own design. Each participant should bring a container, plant material and any other materials they wish to use in their design as well as any mechanics needed to hold the plant material in place (oasis, pinholders, floral clay, etc).  Scissors or clippers will also be needed. Some pre-soaked oasis will be provided just in case folks aren't sure how to proceed with the mechanics side of things.  Artificial plant material is not permitted. Either traditional or creative design styles are welcome.


The theme we will be working with is:

Summer by the Sea—A design evocative of Island life in the summer using fresh and/or dried plant material.  


Come join us for a design opportunity using your favorite garden flowers or greens. All are welcome. More information about the Downeast Designers Guild can be found at https://www.ellsworthgardenclub.org/downeast-designers-guild.


Wednesday, AUGUST 14, 10:0am DI Town Hall  

Floral Design Workshop

On August 14th, members of the Ellsworth Design Guild will join us for a morning of floral design instruction – learn how to make intriguing arrangements for your next party or create a focal point in your favorite room.  The theme is "Summer By The Sea." Bring various components and a container and Design Guild members will help you create your own unique design or you can just come and watch and learn.  Guild members will bring their own floral designs for everyone to see. 


Friday, SEPTEMBER 13th, 4pm DI Town Hall

Planning your 2020 garden using “WOW plants” for Maine Gardens

Learn about the most outstanding plants recommended by gardeners throughout the state of Maine. Don’t waste valuable space in your yard with inferior plants. Learn what experienced Maine gardeners grow in their gardens to get attention. Have your friends and neighbors say, “Wow! What’s that?” Presented by Lisa Colburn, author, The Maine Garden Journal[ [a compilation of the knowledge and experience of gardeners throughout the state of Maine – from Zone 3b in extremely northern Maine to Zone 6a along our rocky coast. Discover fabulous gardening information that applies to all cold-climate, short-season areas of the country.] Lisa will bring copies of her book to sign (great Christmas presents!) 


Friday, OCTOBER 18th, 4pm

 Invasive  Plants

How to identify, tame or get rid of invasive plants whether they are “volunteers” from the forest or visiting birds, or ones you purchase.  Are there effective, non-chemical ways to rid your garden of these annoying plants?  Come with your questions, examples of invasive plants that have given you gardening headaches.

Presented by Marjorie  Peronto, UM  Coop Extension Educator.

Toni Griskivich’s home (public invited, more   information in October)

2019 Annual Meeting & Presentation

Despite rain and sleet, there was a good turnout for the 2019 ANNUAL MEETING on Friday, February 15 at 4:00 p.m. at the Deer Isle Town Hall. President Kathie Keane oversaw the agenda, updates, nominations, and welcomed new members.

Brighid Doherty, founder of The Solidago School of Herbalismgave a presentation titled  “Winter's Wild Harvest: Pine & Usnea" and Ken Crowell gave a presentation about the recent infestations of the Browntail Moth.

Suzanne Carmichael volunteered to be Program Chair and presented some ideas for future programs and asked for suggestions from the group. Toni Griskivich brought gluten free peanut butter cookies and Kathie Keane brought apple cider.

Annual Mariner's Park Clean-up

October 2018 ~ Three was the magic number for two cleanups at the park this month.


EGC Events Coordinator Toni Griskivich, along with Lynn and Jon Braff cleared up around the apple trees by the shore in advance of cleanup day because Lynn and Jon would be gone to Maryland by then. They spent 2 hours clearing brush, alders and bittersweet from the area.

On cleanup day Toni, Joan Schlosstein and Katy Allgeyer worked on the Pollinator Garden, pulling up small trees, grass, and weeding. In one hour they got half the job done and it is lovely on the side facing the parking area. They enjoyed the hard word and a picnic afterwards, as well as the hot cider Toni brought on that cold, raw day.

The bittersweet is rampant in the park and the poison ivy has spread quite a bit. Toni sprayed the poison ivy with a vinegar/salt/dish detergent recipe and it has killed the ivies closest to the path and she also put a new sign up to replace the one that was there years ago.

Well done, and many thanks to Toni, Lynn, Jon, Joan and Katy for all their hard work!


Still Needed:

A project for anyone with clippers would be to clean up along the entrance since the brush rubs against your car as you drive in.  Also, there is a lot of overhang over the walking paths that could be taken care of.



On August 16th, Evergreen Garden Club members gathered to hear Julie Wang give her presentation, “POTAGERS NEAR AND FAR” at her beautiful home in Brooklin.

After the slideshow and presentation Julie answered further questions as members had refreshments and wandered the gardens.

Many thanks to Julie Wang for her hospitality and for sharing her knowledge with us!

A Word Of Warning About Browntail Moths

"We had an oak tree near our clothesline which was infested in the early summer of 2017 and I had no idea how lethal the little brown hairs can be. It is like a bad case of poison ivy if they get on you or on the clothes you have hung out near them. You will be miserable for about ten days. Very uncomfortable! Be alert!"

If you have hardwoods on your property –especially oaks, apples, hawthorns, roses, or cherries, you will want to inspect them for Browntail Moth winter webs ASAP, before the leaf buds open and the caterpillars become active.

Click below to download the PDF from Ken and Marnie Crowell

Removing Browntail Caterpillar Nests

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