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Gardens & Vistas Garden Tour 2023

The Evergreen Garden Club Board would like to thank all of our wonderful

Members who volunteered to make the Gardens and Vistas Tour a great success!


Even the pouring rain could not stop many from visiting the delightful mixture of gardens. Special thanks to Alicia Condon and Dawn Tritch for organizing the entire event. Also, many thanks to our gardener hosts who made it all possible!

Past Events & Programs

Thank You!

A big Thank You to all our talented gardener members who made last month's Plant Sale such a success!

St. Croix District Annual Meeting

Dear Kathie and Joan and Members of the Evergreen Garden Club,


It has been my good fortune to work with you over the past several months --via zoom, phone calls, emails and in person – in planning of the 2023 St Croix District Annual Meeting.


May 25, 2023, was memorable on many levels.


On behalf of the District, I send sincere and deeply felt thanks for a spectacular day.


Registered District members and guests were greeted by Evergreen Club Members and given name tags.  Walking into the reception hall one saw thoughtfully set tables and floral arrangements.  A welcoming refreshment table – coffee, tea, waters and sweets.  Members of the Club engaged attendees in conversations… the room was abuzz..


Busy in the kitchen was the Mariner’s Soar! Team preparing lunch for the attendees.


The hall looked so, so lovely.


The agenda fell in place and the Speaker, Abigail Barrows, had attendees intellectually focused on micro-plastics.  Everyone left with messages for their friends, family members and fellow gardeners.


Lunch was out of this world – served by confident Mariner’s Soar! 7thand 8th graders - Popovers for everyone!!  A salad decorated with flower petals from plants the students grew in their school’s greenhouse.  A to-die-for fish chowder and a vegetarian chili.  And, oh, yes!  ---lunch was capped off with tiramisu whoopie pies made by the Deer Isle Town Clerk.   A true multi-generational community effort.


Then the fun…drawing of numbers for raffle prizes and door prizes.


After lunch, a visit to Mariner’s Memorial Park.  The Park is a 23 acre parcel owned and maintained with much love and dedication by the Evergreen Garden Club members and members of the Deer Isle fishing community.


We as members of the St Croix District are so, so impressed with your work and dedication.  We are appreciative that you shared your part of this planet with us.


We hope to see you again soon and do hope you will come and visit any of us whenever the spirit moves you.  


With heartfelt gratitude,

Phyllis Mobraaten 


Mariners Park Beautification Projects

Many thanks to our wonderful volunteers for all their hard work in putting up the new fence, as well as our generous donors!

And kudos to all the Garden Club members who worked on the Diane Walker Pollinator Garden. 


Bees of Maine

These Bees of Maine Fact Sheets are provided by Jennifer Lund, State Apiarist of the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. In Maine, there are over 270 species of bees!

The Maine Apiary program website also includes Bulletin #7153, Understanding Native Bees, the Great Pollinators: Enhancing Their Habitat in Maine.

A Word Of Warning About Browntail Moths

"We had an oak tree near our clothesline which was infested in the early summer of 2017 and I had no idea how lethal the little brown hairs can be. It is like a bad case of poison ivy if they get on you or on the clothes you have hung out near them. You will be miserable for about ten days. Very uncomfortable! Be alert!"

If you have hardwoods on your property –especially oaks, apples, hawthorns, roses, or cherries, you will want to inspect them for Browntail Moth winter webs ASAP, before the leaf buds open and the caterpillars become active.

Click below to download the PDF from Ken and Marnie Crowell

Removing Browntail Caterpillar Nests

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