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Upcoming Events & Programs in 2023



June 17th

Gardens & Vistas of Deer Isle Garden Tour

10 am - 4 pm

Self-guided tour of six local gardens, rain or shine!


Purchase tickets online or on the day of tour at

the Old Deer Isle Elementary School between 10am and noon.

Ticket price - $25

Pick up tickets on the day of tour at the Old Deer Isle Elementary School. Map and directions will be included, as well as pre-ordered lunches.

Purchase tickets using the Donate button below.

Please include a note, with your name and your purchases.


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June 17th


at the Garden Project

9 am - 11 am

Crafts, Games, Face Painting, Fairy House Building, Seed Blocking Plant Raffle



Past Events & Programs



This year's annual plant sale on Saturday, May 21st, was a great success!  We sold a record number of plants and met our goal, which will help to cover expenses for another year of maintaining Mariners Memorial Park.


Many thanks to all of the wonderful members who donated your plants and time!

 The raffle was also a success, providing funds that will go into our newly established Evergreen Endowment Fund at The Maine Community Foundation.  



The celebration at Mariners Memorial Park on Saturday, August 28, was fun for all, with free boxed lunches, desserts, drinks, and masks and hand sanitizers. Kids made their own boats then sailedl them in the cove, and live music added to the festive feeling of the day. 


Maine State Representative Genevieve McDonald was on hand and paid tribute to the generations of mariners lost at sea.

August 28, 2021

Tribute by Genevieve McDonald, Maine State Representative 

An island is, by design, profoundly connected to the sea. The Wabanaki plied these waters and shorelines to sustain their people. The first settlers depended on these waters to feed their families. Salt cod, sardines, and lobster from our island have been shipped, first by schooner and now by flight, around the world. 

On Deer Isle fishing is an intrinsic part of our cultural identity, our heritage, our sense of place, and our future.


Generations of Mariners have fished these waters. Scallops, herring, lobster, urchins, haddock, cod. The sea has been generous in her bounty. And at times, she has also been cruel. 

It is with deep admiration and great remorse that I am honored to stand before you today in Mariners Park to rededicate this memorial to those we have lost at sea. 

Looking to the future may the women and men who fish these waters be blessed with each and every sunrise and a safe return home. May they know the beauty and the reward that comes from a lifetime on the water. 

In the words of Vincent Van Gogh: 
"The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers as a sufficient reason for remaining ashore."



The Evergreen Garden Club’s July program will feature the renowned plein air artist, Jill Hoy. Jill will provide a tour of her whimsical and cascading cottage-style gardens at her home in Stonington.

Attendance will be limited to 30 people.

Jill says that she has “always gardened like I paint and for the object of painting it.” Jill's talent is as evident in her gardens as it is in her paintings.

Following the tour, She will provide a painting demonstration. Participants are encouraged to bring sketch pads and materials to capture their own images of this special place.

In July, Jill’s Gallery is open daily 11-5 and will have a flower/garden themed show which people are welcome to view.


Jill’s work has been featured in Maine Home and Design, Yankee Magazine and also featured in Down East Magazine. She was featured in the October 2020 issue of Working Waterfront (

More information about Jill and her work can be found at her website:


Mariners Park Beautification Projects

Many thanks to our wonderful volunteers for all their hard work in putting up the new fence, as well as our generous donors!

And kudos to all the Garden Club members who worked on the Diane Walker Pollinator Garden. 


Bees of Maine

These Bees of Maine Fact Sheets are provided by Jennifer Lund, State Apiarist of the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. In Maine, there are over 270 species of bees!

The Maine Apiary program website also includes Bulletin #7153, Understanding Native Bees, the Great Pollinators: Enhancing Their Habitat in Maine.


In Memory of Diane Walker

Diane Walker Evergreen Garden Club President 2007-2017

Pollinator Garden Dedication September 14, 2020, 11 am, Mariners Park

The Evergreen Garden Club, EGGC, became owners of land that was part of what was known as The Morey Farm just off the Sunshine Road in Deer Isle Maine on April 24, 1961, now known as Mariners Park. The twenty-one charter members worked hard to develop a plan and clean up the land to establish the first park in Deer Isle.

Today we are honoring one of the members, who went on to become president for 10 years, Diane Walker.  With the help of her husband, Ian Walker, they worked hard to maintain the tradition of caring for the Park and the other two gardens that the EGGC care for. Diana was able to negotiate a boundary agreement to firmly establish the area of the Park and establish a needed parking area near the shore for people who launched boats. 

Mariners Park and the gardens in front of the Deer Isle Town Hall and the gardens in front of The Community Center in Stonington are maintained and cared for by the members of the Club. Diane organized work parties, for one hour, to keep up moral and get things done. Her energy and determination over the years has helped to hold the club together and enriched the lives of the members, residents and visitors to the Park.

We worked, laughed and weeded together, sharing our love for gardens, trees, birds and bees. Her enthusiasm and leadership has been missed and we feel grateful to have had her vision as president for ten years. She left us with a legacy and today we honor her by dedicating this newly designed garden to her. 

Thanks to Joan Schlosstein who designed and oversaw this creative garden and the stone wall. Thanks to the Mariners Park Committee, Toni Griskivich and Phelps Brown and their team, Judy Curtis, Connie Carroll and many other volunteers. Thanks to Kendall Eaton who helped with the stone moving and parking area. 

Thanks to Ian Walker who has helped in so many ways over the years with all of Diane’s projects and who has improved the Park in so many ways. Thank you all for coming today, 

 Kathie Keane, President Evergreen Garden Club


2019 Annual Meeting & Presentation

Despite rain and sleet, there was a good turnout for the 2019 ANNUAL MEETING on Friday, February 15 at 4:00 p.m. at the Deer Isle Town Hall. President Kathie Keane oversaw the agenda, updates, nominations, and welcomed new members.


On August 16th, Evergreen Garden Club members gathered to hear Julie Wang give her presentation, “POTAGERS NEAR AND FAR” at her beautiful home in Brooklin.


After the slideshow and presentation Julie answered further questions as members had refreshments and wandered the gardens.


Many thanks to Julie Wang for her hospitality and for sharing her knowledge with us!


A Word Of Warning About Browntail Moths

"We had an oak tree near our clothesline which was infested in the early summer of 2017 and I had no idea how lethal the little brown hairs can be. It is like a bad case of poison ivy if they get on you or on the clothes you have hung out near them. You will be miserable for about ten days. Very uncomfortable! Be alert!"

If you have hardwoods on your property –especially oaks, apples, hawthorns, roses, or cherries, you will want to inspect them for Browntail Moth winter webs ASAP, before the leaf buds open and the caterpillars become active.

Click below to download the PDF from Ken and Marnie Crowell

Removing Browntail Caterpillar Nests

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