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On March 6, 1961 an article was brought up and voted on at the Town meeting and it was decided that the Evergreen Garden Club would become the owner of land that was then a part of the Morey Farm.  One dollar was paid to Vera Billings, town treasurer, on April 24, and the receipt is with the deed for the Farm. Much clearing of brush was done and consultant Ernest Hayn drew up plans for the future of the park.


A lovely mowed area with picnic tables provides an ideal space for relaxation and recreation. Newly-created trails lead to some of the forested areas of the park.


Many people helped to make Mariners Memorial Park a wonderful place. A gate, granite benches, and picnic tables have been built and picnic areas created and mowed regularly. The creation and maintenance of this scenic and restful part of our island has truly been a labor of love and group effort. 


Thanks to the 21 charter members of the club who worked hard to obtain this beautiful spot with the few funds that they started with. Their determination against many odds helped them to keep their promise to the people of Deer Isle, to make the park a beautiful place where one can go to relax.​


Memorial Lane was intended as a wildlife sanctuary, preserving the wild plants and providing the birds with a place to find food, as well as a memorial to those who are no longer with us. Mariners Memorial Park was named for the brave men and women of the Island who have lost their lives at sea.


We continue to work to maintain the park as the charter members envisioned it: a quiet, peaceful place of beauty for all to enjoy for generations to come. Island Heritage Trust has a conservation easement to ensure the future of the land as a park.

Ridge Trail Shore Trail.JPG
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During COVID the Mariners Memorial Park Volunteers began working on woods trails. The Ridge Trail has been completed and work is being done on an offshoot Upper Ridge Trail. Taking care of blowdown is a continuous project.


The Evergreen Garden Club developed and planted beds at the Deer Isle Town Hall and has continued to maintain them for years.

EGC Town Hall Crew.JPG

2023 September Cleanup Team with Town Manager and EGC member Jim Fisher. Included

Dale, Liz, Kathie, Toni and Hattie


The Evergreen Garden Club developed, constructed and planted beds near the front door of the Island Community Center in Stonington.  Each year we maintain them and add new plants as needed.

DSC00014 compressed.JPG

2023 June Cleanup Team included

Kathie, Joan, Miriam, Phelps, Toni, Hattie

DSC02015 compressed.JPG

2023 October  Cleanup Team included

Phelps, Joe, Kathie, Joan, Amy, Liz, Sue

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